Creative Consulting

There are various ways of looking at this service. The best way of explaining it is to describe how it came to be. [mycalture] has been asked many times to sit in with clients and agencies and discuss a campaign or project. They have something in mind, but no concrete ideas or plan of how to execute it. That’s where we come in.

In this case, [mycalture] fulfils a consulting role, providing creative input and ideas, as well as other management tasks.

So far we have consulted on general project concepts, design ideas and radio scripts, we have managed other creative agencies on behalf of our clients, we have represented clients at meetings with PR agencies, and acted as our clients’ project managers providing direction on creative executions, ensuring quality control and follow through on the production of final material.

A clear path that steers clear of unnecessary spend

It’s quite simple, but imperative. We come in and meet with you, discuss ideas, give feedback and direction, provide input on what you may need, where you may need to go and what you may need to do, and basically show you a path that eliminates confusion and unnecessary elements or spend.

It’s been our experience that upon first discussions with clients, we discover they have either spent large amounts of money on unnecessary work or even worse, wasted money on creative executions that weren’t completed or what they wanted. But [mycalture] is all about turning things around and moving things forward – and we begin by offering a first consultation free.

First consultation is free

The process we follow is simple. We don’t charge for the initial consultation and debriefing session. This is so we have a clear and in-depth understanding of the project and what the expectations are. Thereafter, depending on the requirements, we charge either a project fee or a per-hour consulting fee.