Event RSVP

[mycalture] is doing its bit to save the environment every day, with our very own online RSVP system. Our turnkey online RSVP solution will take your event from concept to delivery to your guests’ inboxes. Our creative team will design a tailor-made HTML email invitation, which once sent will provide you with vital information.


  • Tailor-made design of both the HTML emailer and RSVP Website
  • Detailed delivery reports
  • Who opened the invite and who did not
  • Full bounce report
  • Automatic mailing list cleaning (removal of bounced addresses)
  • Database capture of RSVP's with easy export to Excel or CSV
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Mailing list health status
  • Daily back-ups – 100% secure data
  • Data capture form – tailored for each client’s needs

Our online RSVP systems start from R7 500-00 (exclusive of VAT), which includes design and implementation of the HTML emailer, RSVP Website and sending out of your invite. Pricing is dependent on the client providing final content.


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